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Mission Statement
The mission of NCCADV is to create social change through the elimination of the institutional, cultural, and individual oppressions that contribute to domestic violence.

To empower all North Carolina communities to build a society that prevents and eliminates domestic violence.

We believe that domestic violence is a pattern of domination in which perpetrators intentionally choose to cause fear, injury, and/or pain in order to gain and maintain power and control over their partners. In addition to physical violence, abuse can be sexual, emotional, economic, and can include stalking. We know that most domestic violence is committed by men, and is one form of violence against women. We believe that domestic violence is absolutely unacceptable and that perpetrators should be held accountable.

We believe that patriarchy, gender inequality, and all oppressions play a central role at the individual, institutional, and cultural levels in creating and maintaining an environment which accepts domestic violence. We believe it is vital to understand and advocate for the elimination of all forms of oppression, including, but not limited to: sexism, racism, and homophobia. We believe it is critical to serve all domestic violence survivors, regardless of race, age, class and ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental and physical abilities, religious and spiritual beliefs, and immigration status. We know oppression comes in all forms and leads to secondary issues for survivors; we will strive to serve all survivors of domestic violence and their respective needs.

We believe that through the power of our shared experiences and collective voice, we can work together to create individual, institutional, and cultural change. We will work intentionally and actively to create safe spaces for survivors of domestic violence. We believe the voice and experience of survivors must be the foundation of our work, and that the domestic violence movement can change society.

2014 Domestic Awareness Month


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