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With support from the North Carolina Division of Social Services, The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV) coordinates a criminal background check service to help improve safety for the children and families domestic violence service providers serve. The criminal background check service will provide domestic violence service providers with a broad range of information to assist in making staffing decisions. This service is at no charge and is exclusively for screening persons interested in working with a domestic violence service provider as an employee, volunteer, intern or contracted vendor. This service cannot be used to screen victims or shelter residents.

NCCADV is contracting with IntelliCorp, an agency specializing in supporting criminal background checks for nonprofits and youth-oriented organizations, to perform criminal background checks for local domestic violence service providers in North Carolina.

IntelliCorp will conduct trainings for your local service providers on how to initiate a criminal background check via webinar and, along with NCCADV, will provide ongoing technical support. NCCADV has developed best practice guidelines on utilizing the criminal background check service.

The criminal background checks will provide information on:

  • Nationwide search for criminal charges, include those related to sex offenders registry.

  • Motor vehicle records

If you have any questions about this service or agency participation in this program, please contact Trishana Jones, NCCADV’s Children and Youth Specialist, at or (919) 956-9124 ext. 205.



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