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NCCADV provides a variety of technical assistance to those working in the field of domestic violence and allied professions. Available technical assistance includes:

  • Answering questions over the phone or by email

  • Providing information packets prepared on specialized topics

  • Surveying the research in a selected field

  • Designing assistance tailored to requester’s need

  • Program materials

Public Awareness Activities

NCCADV works with a variety of other entities to keep the issue of domestic violence in the public eye. Local and statewide collaborations have in the past produced several media and print campaigns. National resources are often available to us as well for awareness campaigns. In 2001, NCCADV produced an informational video about the Coalition and our state’s efforts to end domestic violence. Additionally, member programs receive monthly mailings from the Coalition with information on statewide and national issues that may require action on the part of the programs. Individual and organizational members also receive quarterly newsletters that keep them up to date about what is happening in the domestic violence movement.

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